You can buy black caviar in our store for home delivery (in Bangkok). This is a real black caviar sturgeon – a symbol of wealth and success, the inheritance of successful people! Purchasing black caviar in our company, you will always be sure that you buy a luxurious product that matches your expectations.

Why Caviar? For Luxury Life or Nutrition Benefits?

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For centuries, black caviar has been considered as the most delicious and luxury product; and nowadays it still stands true as it is being served only in the best restaurants, hotels, cruise ships and airlines’ First Class.

Black caviar is produced only by Sturgeon family of fish originally living in the Caspian Sea, Volga and Amur rivers. However a very high demand of this delicate product coupled with the development of techniques recently enabled farming Sturgeon, Sterlet and even Beluga fish; and also producing new hybrids between the fish family members resulting in new different taste of caviar.


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