What to drink with caviar?

The beverages must not interrupt the taste of caviar in any way. As well as you can not drink it immediately because of caviar special aftertaste, it is important to get a full impression. In Europe and America they offer exquisite varieties of champagne and dry wines such as Riesling, Chablis, Chardonnay – actually, any

The ways to eat black caviar

According to new French fashion caviar goes well together with oysters and luxurious wine. In this case, opened oysters are served with slices of fresh lemon and a bowl of black caviar. Before you enjoy a oyster, you sprinkle it with lemon juice and put a spoon of black caviar on top. For parties or

Facts about black caviar

Fact #1. The first records of “khavyar”, meaning black caviar, were made in 1240. The recording was found in the office of the legendary Batu Khan, the ruler of the Golden Horde. And until now in many countries this delicacy is still called caviar. Fact #2. The most expensive caviar is not a black one but the

The choice of black caviar

What is the best black caviar? – is the most difficult question. It is important to remember that taste of caviar depends on its quality, and thus to feel the real taste of caviar, it must necessarily have a high quality. Black caviar is a natural product. It is obtained from sturgeons of various breeds

The black caviar types

There are 6 main kinds of black caviar: Beluga caviar has large eggs (up to 3.5 mm) and can have platinum, dark gray, silver or black color. It does not have a specific smell but may have a light nutty aftertaste and very delicate flavor. Kaluga caviar has large eggs (up to 3 mm) and can be dark, gray

The benefits from eating black caviar

Vitamin A. It helps to clear the body of chemical waste and improve eye sight. Vitamin A gets accumulated in your organism, which strengthens immunity system and allows you to recover faster after diseases. Vitamin B. Among the most significant features of this vitamin there is improvement in functioning of the nervous system, brain, blood circulation and