According to new French fashion caviar goes well together with oysters and luxurious wine. In this case, opened oysters are served with slices of fresh lemon and a bowl of black caviar. Before you enjoy a oyster, you sprinkle it with lemon juice and put a spoon of black caviar on top.

For parties or other celebrations they stuff eggs with black caviar. Also, caviar is served with crackers, in tartlets or profiteroles. In this case, instead of butter they often make a special gentle cream consisted of soft cheese and heavy cream. In addition to this, you can also have caviar with olives and herbs.

Real gourmets prefer to eat black caviar with spoons. Not dining ones but small silver spoons. According to them, only this metal does not affect the taste of this delicacy. Black caviar in this case is served in a small glass, ceramic or silver bowl which is placed on crushed ice. Ice maintains optimum temperature of caviar and contributes to preservation of its unique taste.
There is a tradition in Russia to eat black caviar with crepes – this appetizer is suited the best to vodka. Later they started to put this delicacy on bread with butter.