Beluga Caviar

Is the most delicious and expensive one among all black caviar types. Beluga (Huso Huso) originally lives only in the Caspian See. The largest grain and most delicate in flavor of sturgeon eggs, Beluga caviar tastes somewhat like the sea with buttery overtones. Its color varies from medium to dark brown with a clear and golden finish.

Huso dauricus (Kaluga sturgeon) of the sturgeon family is a large freshwater fish living in Amur River and as the special product of Russia and Northeast China. This fish is one of the only two kinds of the Huso Genus. Egg size: 3.5 … 3.6 mm (light color)

Available in 15,30,50,100 and 250-gram tins.
Price: 15 gr. –2,500 thb
30 gr. – 4,500 thb
50 gr. – 7,000 thb
100 gr. – 12,500 thb
250 gr. – 30,000 thb

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