Fact #1. The first records of “khavyar”, meaning black caviar, were made in 1240. The recording was found in the office of the legendary Batu Khan, the ruler of the Golden Horde. And until now in many countries this delicacy is still called caviar.

Fact #2. The most expensive caviar is not the black one but the gold one. One kilogram of beluga caviar from Iran costs around 35 thousand dollars. It comes from the fish older than one hundred years! They say that the older beluga is the more tender its caviar. Iranian company House Almas sells this caviar packed in the jars made of pure gold.

Fact #3. The restaurants started to serve caviar in 1920s in France. Two brothers emigrants from Baku named Petrossian found the Caviar House – Petrossian Paris.

Fact #4. Caviar goes well with butter or sour cream. It is recommended to serve caviar in tartlets and by Russian traditions caviar is often served with pancakes. In France, it is traditionally served with foie gras or baguettes. It is important to eat black caviar using the silver spoons only! It is because the contact with any other metal spoils the taste of caviar.

Fact #5. Black caviar is a famous aphrodisiac. It contains a record amount of vitamins, minerals and microelements which contributes to the proper metabolism, quick recovery and improves sexual performance.

Fact #6. The largest purchase in the history of caviar was made by George Benson. For 3 tons of caviar, which he bought for his 50th birthday, the singer paid 3 million dollars.

Fact #7. Charlie Chaplin was a big fan of black caviar. Once he had an unusual honorarium: 4 kilograms of black caviar.

Fact #8. The name «black» does not always correspond to the real color of caviar. The color of beluga caviar is silver-gray, sturgeon has the dark-turquoise colored eggs, and only stellate sturgeon produce purely black colored caviar.

Fact #9. Caviar is one of the oldest delicacies. It came before raw oysters, truffles, and even Champagne. Caviar was sought-after by kings and the aristocracy. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Russian tsars were all known to splurge on caviar.